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Everyone chooses a gesture to be theirs for the game, which can be anything as long as it's quick. For example, you could cover your eyes for a second with both hands.

To start each round, players give a drumroll until the leader shouts "What's the name of the game?" to which everyone responds "Thumper!" The leader then starts by doing his gesture, then choosing anyone else’s gesture and doing that. He is essentially picking the next person to go.

The person whose gesture just got called goes next, by first doing his gesture, then picking another person’s gesture to do. The round continues until someone takes too long to respond to their gesture, or does a gesture that doesn’t belong to anyone.

The loser of each round becomes the leader of the next round.


Try adding in two beats between each gesture by having everyone slam their fists on the table. The tempo of the beat tends to increase as the round goes on, forcing players to gesture quicker and quicker until someone screws up