• 2 Shot glasses
  • 2 Quarters
  • Beer


Start with players sitting around the table and 2 players across from each other with a shot glass and a quarter. Starting at the same time, they attempt to bounce the quarter into the shot glass and when they make it, they pass it to the player on their right. If you make the shot glass and the player on your right still has not made it, they must stop shooting and drink for 3 seconds. Immediately after you make it, pass the quarter and shot glass back to the player on your left. If that player makes it and you make it again before the drinker has finished the 3 seconds and then made his quarter, he must again stop shooting and drink this time for 6 seconds. The game continues in this way building up in 3 second increments until the drinker makes it before the player to his left, or he gives up and "taps out". The last player to be left when everyone else taps out wins!


People have come back to win after having to drink for upwards of 21 seconds, so don't wuss out early.