Screw the Dealer




  • Drink per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


One person starts as the dealer with a deck of cards. The person to the right of him tries to guess the top card, and if they are correct the dealer Swigs for 5 seconds. If they are incorrect, the dealer tells them whether it's higher or lower than the card they guessed. If they get it on their second try, the dealer Swigs for 3 seconds.

If they guess wrong again, they Swig for the same number of seconds as the difference between the card they guessed, and the actual card. (e.g. They would get 3 Swigs for guessing “Jack” when it’s an “8”).

Then the play moves on to the next person. The dealer must get 3 people in a row to guess wrong, and then the next player becomes the dealer. After each turn, place the card face up on the table so everyone knows what cards have been played.


Don't be the one who gets screwed.