Ride the bus




  • Beer per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


Place the cards in a pyramid face down (base row should have 4-5 cards). Deal the remaining cards equally among all players.
Flip the first card at the base of the pyramid over. Anyone with that card can choose to give another player one swig.
Once cards in the second row are flipped over, they count as two swigs each (and so on for each row).
Whoever has the most cards left at the end must ride the bus. If two players lose, they both must ride the bus.
The dealer shuffles the cards and lays ten in a line and starts to turn over cards one at a time. If a 2-10 is drawn player takes very small swig. If Jack is drawn player takes one large swig. Queen, 2 large swigs; King, 3 large swigs; Ace, 4 large swigs. When completed the loser has successfully completed the bus ride.