Lord of the Rings


2 - 4


  • Drink per person
  • Lord of the Rings


Swig when…
There is an Dwarf/Elf insult or vice versa
Gimli or Legolas calls out the number of enemies they've killed (Two Towers)
We see “the sword that was broken”
A character’s lineage is given (e.g. Aragorn son of Arathorn)
Gandalf does magic
Somebody is tempted by the ring (2 Swigs, if the ringlust causes a physical change.)
The ring is put on
Close up of the ring on Sauron’s severed finger
The ring is called “precious”
We see the fiery eye of Sauron
There is a Ringwraith appearance (1 Swig per scene with a Ringwraith appearance, not per Ringwraith)
The language of Mordor is spoken
Aragorn kisses somebody
Elrond makes a remark about the weakness or failings of humans
The “fading” of the Elves is mentioned
A Hobbit is seen eating or mentions food
Sam calls Frodo “Mr. Frodo”
A Hobbit mentions missing the Shire
Pippin does something stupid
Frodo’s sword glows


A day may come when the courage of men fails… but it is not THIS day.