Liar's Dice




  • 6 dice per player
  • 1 Cup per player


Players sit around the table and place their dice in their cups. To begin, each player shakes his cup and turns it over on the table so the cup is covering his dice. Players can look at their own dice but not anyone else’s.

After you peek at your dice, based on what you found you can make a call about how many of any number of dice there are on the table.
- For example, you can say "three 2s," meaning you think that there are three dice on the table that rolled a 2.
- Remember, your guess includes all the dice belonging to all the players, not just your own dice, so you're making a guess that includes dice you can't see.

The goal is to bet a number of dice that is less than or equal to the total number of dice of that value across all players. 1s are wild, and players cannot bet on the number of 1s but instead they are counted among the total for all other values.

The player to the left of the one who bet then has 2 options- raise the bet, or call "Liar" on the first player. If he raises the bet, he must raise either the number of dice, the value of the dice, or both. If the first bet is three 4's, the next player can raise it to three 6's or five 2's, but not to three 2's.

If he calls "Liar", all players lift their cups and count the total number of dice equal to the value of the last bet plus the number of wild 1's. If the total is less than the bet, the bettor loses one of his dice for the remainder of the game.

If the total is equal to or greator, the challenger gets the same penalty. All players put their remaining dice in their cups and the next round begins with whoever lost the previous round.


Pirate speak goes a long way in mastering this game.