• Drink per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


Everyone sits around a table with a full beer (unopened) in the center, and a deck of cards spread out in a ring around it. The first person starts by picking a card, and everyone follows the rule associated with that card. Then, the person must pin the card under the beer can tab without breaking the seal (you'll hear a fizzing sound). The person who ends up breaking the seal must Swig the beer. The game ends when there's no cards left.

Card rules:
Ace: Waterfall - everyone starts Swigging, and the person who picked the card stops when they want to. Then people stop in order around the circle.
2: You - choose anyone you want to Swig
3: Me - Swig yourself
4: Floor - Everyone must touch the floor. Last person Swigs.
5: Guys – Any guy playing must Swig
6: Chicks – Any girl playing must Swig
7: Heaven - Everyone raises their hand. Last person Swigs.
8: Choose a mate - They Swig when you Swig, and vice versa.
9: Bust a rhyme - First person says a sentence ending with an easy word to rhyme with. Go around circle until someone screws up (they Swig).
10: Categories - First person picks a category. Go around circle saying things in that category until someone screws up (they Swig).
Jack: Never have I ever - Play the game, first person to lose Swigs.
Queen: This person is the question master. Until the next Queen is picked, any question they ask must be answered with a question or that person Swigs.
King: Make a rule - It can be anything, and all players must obey.


Fun rule ideas: no first names; everyone has to talk in the third person; everyone talks in accents; you have to say 'in my pants' after every sentence; you have to do a dance if you say a certain word