Horse Race




  • Drink per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


Search through the deck and place the aces in a horizontal row across the table, these are the horses. Then deal the first 8 cards from the top of the deck in a vertical column perpendicular to the 4 aces. Each card in this column is called a link. The set up should now look like the letter L.

Before the game starts, each player makes a bet on the horse (ace) they think will win. Bets are given as number of Swigs and then the suit (ie. five on spades). Each player must Swig half of what they bet at the beginning of the race.

One player must act as the announcer; once all bets are in he/she flips over the top card of the remaining deck. Only the suit of this card matters; the ace of that suit moves forward to the first link. The announcer continues flipping cards and advancing horses accordingly until one horse wins by passing the final link into the winner's circle.

At the end of the race, the players who correctly bet on the winning suit give out twice the number of Swigs they wagered. Players who made incorrect bets must Swig half of the amount that they bet.


Optional rule: the first time a link is reached by a horse, flip over that card - the matching horse drops back a leg due to poor jockeying.