Bullshit Pyramid




  • Drink per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


Lay out cards face down in a pyramid with a base of 6 cards. Give each player 4 cards face down. Each player should memorize the number and order of their cards.

Flip over the 1st card at the bottom of the pyramid. If you have that card as one of your 4, you can point to someone and say ’Swig!'. You can also bluff, and say this even if you don't have the card. The person who gets called out to Swig can say "Bullshit!" if they don't believe you have the card. If they call you out, you must show them the exact card on your first try, or Swig double. If it’s the right card, they have to Swig double. If you have to reveal your card, select a new one to replace it.

As you move up the rows of the pyramid, Swigs double in amount (1 Swig, then 2, then 4, etc.). At the end of the game each person must recite their cards in order, or Swig a full beer.


Put your cards in an order that makes it easier to memorize them!