Big Booty




  • One drink per person


Choose one player to be the Big Booty- this player will lead off the beginning of each round.

Players sit in a circle and each is assigned a number (except the Big Booty). Starting to the right of the Big Booty everyone counts off and is assigned that number.

Each round consists of players chanting while clapping in rhythm

To start each round, players give a drumroll and chant "aaaaahhhhh Big Booty!" Everyone then starts the clapping (hands on the table twice then one clap, like "We Will Rock You") and gives three more "Big Booty" chants.

Next Big Booty chants their own name followed by someone's number.

"Big Booty number one".

Now it's number one's turn to do the same by chanting their number followed by someone else's number or Big Booty.

"Number one number four"

"Number four number two"

"Number two Big Booty"

And so on until someone messes up the rhythm or calls a number that's not in the game. Whoever messes up takes 2 Swigs and you start again from Big Booty.


Once you've got the hang of it, increase the tempo during rounds to put more pressure on everyone to keep up. If you've got rhythm, you're set. If not... hey at least you can enjoy all of the Swigs you're sure to win while playing.