Beer Pong


2 - 4


  • Beers
  • 20 Cups
  • 2 Ping pong balls


Stand with your partner at opposite ends of the table from your opponents. Set up 10 cups in a pyramid shape in front of you, and fill them partially with beer.

When it's your turn, you and your partner each toss a ping pong ball and try to make them into your opponents' cups. When you make a cup, the other team has to Swig it and remove the cup. First team to make all of the other team's cups wins!

Swig house rules:
- Re-racking: each team gets one re-rack per game. This means they can tell the other team to re-arrange the cups into any format they’d like (to make the cups easier to hit)
- Gentleman’s I: when a team gets down to 2 cups, they can ask for the ‘Gentleman’s I’, which puts the two cups in a straight vertical line
- Balls back: if both people make a cup in a single turn they both get their balls back, and shoot a second time
- On fire: if one person makes 2 shots in a row, they should call ‘heating up’. Then, if they make a third shot on their next turn they are ‘on fire’. This means they get the ball back, and can keep shooting until they miss a cup
- Behind the back: if the team who shot recovers the ball they threw before it hits the ground, the person who shot it can take a second turn by swinging the ball behind their back.
- Island: if there is one cup that becomes isolated from the rest (no adjacent cups), someone can call ‘Island’ before shooting. If they hit that cup it counts as 2 cups, but if they hit any other cup it doesn’t count at all. Each person gets to call ‘Island’ once per game.
- Rebuttal: Once one team has hit every cup, the other team has a chance for rebuttal. Each person can keep shooting until they miss. If they make all of their cups, the game goes into overtime.
- Overtime: each team adds three cups in a triangle to their side. Then the game is played normally, but if one team sinks all cups, the other team does not get a chance for rebuttal.
- Double OT: 3 cups are added back on each side, with one cup balanced between them as a second layer.


Leaners must die.