• Beers
  • 10 Cups
  • 2 Ping pong balls


Line up 4 cups straight in a row on either side of the table. Starting with the cup closest to you (furthest from the other team), the cups represent a home run, a triple, a double, and a single.

Each team has 3 outs per inning. The first batter shoots a ping pong ball at the cups across from them. If they make one of the bases, a 'player' exists on that base. The team shoots as long as they can, driving players around the bases like regular Baseball, and tracking the runs.

- If while a batter is shooting they hit the cup and it bounces off it is a ‘foul tip’, and the team must field it. If they catch it, it counts as an out.
- If the team does not catch the ‘foul tip’, it counts as a strike (3 of these and the player is out)
- If a batter completely misses a cup, it counts as an out

- Once a player is on base, someone from that team stands next to a cup filled with beer in the middle of the table. This person represents the runner on base
- Someone from the other team stands across from the runner, with a cup filled beer. This person represents the defender
- At any time the runner can try to ‘steal a base’ by Swigging the cup of beer and flipping it
- If they beat the defender, they have successfully stolen that base. If the defender beats them, it counts as an out.

- At the end of 9 innings, the team with the highest score wins the game!


Choose your fielders wisely