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  • Beer per person
  • 1 Deck of cards


The game is broken up into two rounds. In the first, the dealer goes around to each player and flips a card four times, each time the player guessing something about the card. If they are right they give a swig to another player, otherwise they must take a swig. The first guess is whether the card will be red or black. After a player guesses, the dealer flips the card and the player keeps that card face up. After doing the same to each player, the dealer goes back to the first player and they must guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than (or the same as) the first. Once each player guesses on this, keeping the card once it's flipped, the dealer goes back to the first player who must guess if the card will be "inside" their first two cards, "outside" or "same". The final time, the player guesses what suit the next card will be. For the second round, the dealer places 8 cards face down in two columns of four, a "give" column and a "take" column. The dealer flips the first give card over, then the first take card and alternating up the columns. If the flipped card matches a card dealt to you, you must give or take swigs based on which column was flipped. The number of swigs you give/take corresponds to the row, where the first cards flipped are worth 1 swig, then 2, 4, and 8.